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15:36, November 2, 2016Wikia-Visualization-Main,shipsandthings.png (file)879 KBFandomBot (Uploaded through Curated Content)
02:40, December 12, 2015General-mb-stewart.jpg (file)36 KBSnowstripe the Fierce 
09:53, May 26, 2015Bill Tutte.jpg (file)144 KBBeekeeper123 
16:29, March 21, 2015Greenshroud.jpeg (file)438 KBBiggren 
23:57, January 26, 2015Seafang.png (file)2.8 MBBiggren (The Seafang was a ship belonging to the pirate Captain Sillt. Contact the author at or at and get permission before using this image.)
23:19, January 26, 2015HMS Dionysus.png (file)3.42 MBBiggren (HMS Dionysus, laid down in 1756 at Chatham and launched the following year by commission of the Royal Navy of Great Britain to combat the rising threat of the French in the Seven Years' War. She was a third-rate ship of the line, square rigged, boastin...)
18:28, January 12, 2015Wiki-wordmark.png (file)35 KBBiggren 
18:00, January 12, 2015Wiki-background (file)237 KBBiggren 
22:44, October 17, 2014Screenshot.jpg (file)1.43 MBNikolai Banks 
09:37, October 4, 2014H.m.s.cruizer.jpg (file)64 KBBiggren 
19:00, June 24, 2014USS Arizona (BB-39) 1918.jpg (file)44 KBSandingomm the Wildcat 
09:07, February 28, 2014Milford Mariner 2.JPG (file)731 KBLord Apsley 
08:51, February 28, 2014Adonis.jpg (file)1.01 MBLord Apsley 
08:43, February 28, 2014Viking.jpg (file)811 KBLord Apsley 
05:35, February 13, 2014Huascar when Chilean owned.jpg (file)1.16 MBLord Apsley 
05:14, February 13, 2014Huascar 1865 when Peruvian owned..jpg (file)914 KBLord Apsley 
23:42, February 7, 2014Wikia-Visualization-Main.png (file)879 KBNikolai Banks 
23:42, February 7, 2014Wikia-Visualization-Add-3.png (file)166 KBNikolai Banks 
23:42, February 7, 2014Wikia-Visualization-Add-2.png (file)233 KBNikolai Banks 
23:42, February 7, 2014Wikia-Visualization-Add-1.png (file)625 KBNikolai Banks 
23:59, January 15, 2014Napoleon's raft.jpg (file)365 KBLord Apsley 
23:31, January 13, 2014Blackbeard's flag.jpg (file)5 KBWildloughRhulain 
14:23, January 9, 2014Sirlancelotclipper.jpeg (file)81 KBWedgeback 
20:18, January 6, 2014Leanderclippersfpl.jpg (file)16 KBWildloughRhulain 
19:47, January 4, 2014Bermuda Triangle.png (file)67 KBWildloughRhulain 
19:20, January 4, 2014Ville du Havre.jpg (file)9 KBWildloughRhulain 
09:33, December 21, 2013Watchdogs of the Empire.JPG (file)1 MBLord Apsley 
00:33, December 14, 2013Drebbel submarine..jpg (file)347 KBLord Apsley (Early in the 17th. century the Dutchman Cornelius Drebbel built this rowing boat submarine. It was covered with greased leather and had two air pipes for the men rowing it. )
00:28, December 14, 2013De Son submarine..jpg (file)445 KBLord Apsley (The French designer M. deSon built this wooden submarine in 1653. It submerged beautifully during its first trial but unfortunately remained on the bottom! )
00:23, December 14, 2013Bushnell Submarine..jpg (file)773 KBLord Apsley (David Bushnell built this successful one man submarine in 1775 during the War of Independence. It had a sticky bomb to adhere to enemy warships but the British saw the sub in time and were able to drive it off. )
00:15, December 14, 2013Argonaut 1 submarine..jpg (file)461 KBLord Apsley (The American submarine Argonaut 1 was built in 1896 and had petrol motors and wheels to travel on the sea floor. A larger one built 6 years later had torpedo tubes.)
22:10, November 27, 2013ChampionOfTheSeas ca1854 EastBoston Southworth Hawes MFABoston.png (file)1.75 MBWildloughRhulain 
01:05, November 14, 2013Falls of Halladale (ship, 1886) - SLV H91.108-2754.jpg (file)59 KBWildloughRhulain (The Falls of Halladale)
01:00, November 14, 2013Peter1.gif (file)41 KBWildloughRhulain (Peter Rickmers)
00:52, November 14, 2013Carrabin suzanne vinnen.jpg (file)41 KBWildloughRhulain 
00:45, November 14, 2013Maria Rickmers - SLV H99.220-3354.jpg (file)1.79 MBWildloughRhulain 
17:25, November 11, 2013Peter Rickmers - SLV H99.220-4007.jpg (file)369 KBWedgeback 
19:13, November 9, 2013488076525 1a495db9b6 o.jpg (file)333 KBWildloughRhulain 
18:36, November 9, 2013StateLibQld 1 143507 Kobenhavn (ship).jpg (file)57 KBWildloughRhulain 
23:26, November 8, 2013ThCA5KKA94.jpg (file)9 KBWildloughRhulain (Halmo Kjobenhavn SHIP 1900 Denmark)
13:20, October 31, 2013I0051728A.jpg (file)187 KBWedgeback 
12:42, September 30, 2013S.S. Wandilla.jpg (file)1.72 MBLord Apsley 
14:50, September 18, 2013Ttu dsc001 000017.jpg (file)2.21 MBWedgeback 
14:36, September 12, 2013Ttu dsc001 000016.jpeg (file)1.9 MBWedgeback 
14:35, September 12, 2013StateLibQld 1 171287 Star of Bengal (ship).jpeg (file)83 KBWedgeback 
23:18, August 15, 2013Fred Rebell's Elaine. .jpg (file)553 KBLord Apsley (Here is Fred Rebell's boat Elaine after being washed ashore on a Pacific island in a storm.)
23:12, August 15, 2013Fred Rebell..jpg (file)1.91 MBLord Apsley (I've been waiting 60 years to share this article about the Latvian seafarer Fred Rebell 1886-1968. Now thanks to the Wonderful Web I know he also wrote a book 'Escape to the Sea' about his single handed, almost penniless voyage to the U.S. from Austral...)
04:10, August 13, 2013Church in drill hall at F.N.D..jpg (file)323 KBLord Apsley (Grandma was a very staunch Methodist so by the time my dad went Flinders Naval Depot near Melbourne Australia in the late 1920s he was about churched out. At FND there were only three options, Church of England, Catholic, or Atheist, so on his first Su...)
01:43, July 27, 2013M. V. Island Seaway.jpg (file)357 KBLord Apsley (M.V. Island Seaway at Port Adelaide where she was built for R.W. Miller. She was still carrying passengers, vehicles and freight between Pt. Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Pt. Lincoln when this photo was taken in about 1990. In spite of still having the...)
10:16, July 21, 2013Coles gun turret..jpg (file)648 KBLord Apsley (One of the first revolving turrets to protect gun crews and enable guns to fire 360 degrees instead of just broadside.)

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