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Date of launch 1887
Place of launch Hamburg
Type 3-masted steel barque
GRT 1446
NRT 1363
DWT 2100
Length 76.9 m (252.2 ft)
Beam 11.4 m (37.5 ft)
Draft 6.2 m (20.2 ft)
  • 1887 
    Built of steel by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg for Reederei F. Laeisz, Hamburg. She was rigged as a three-masted barque carrying royals over double topgallant sails, and was the first vessel made of steel for Laeisz. Used on the South American nitrate trade.
  • May 1908 
    Sold to Mathias Lundqvist, Vårdö, Åland Islands.
  • 1912 
    The master of the ship, Hugo Lundqvist, took over the shipping company and moved to Mariehamn.
  • 1921 
    The royals were removed, making her 'bald-headed.'
  • 1936 
    Sold to Copenhagen to be scrapped.